Congratulations on 30 Years Jimmie Tribble ~ From the Pastor’s Desk 11/21/2018

One of the special blessings of my entire ministry has been knowing and serving with Jimmie Tribble, his wife, Karen, and their wonderful children.  I have never served with a minister to students who possessed a greater heart, passion, and determination to make a difference for Christ in the lives of teenagers and their families more than Jimmie Tribble! I have been blessed to see God work through him for 17 years and I can testify that his passion and determination have never diminished. Only heaven truly knows the number of individuals and families God has touch through him, Karen, Kourtney, Sterling, Trevor, and  Dylan. Jimmie, you are one-of-a-kind; and your reward awaits you in glory!

Karen, much of what your husband has done would not have been possible without your love, support and partnership in ministry. You have given much and sacrificed much. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vital part of God’s work at FBC MWC. Lastly, one thing that stands out as one of the most        important evidences of your and Jimmie’s faithfulness to God, is raising an amazing daughter and three amazing sons!  They are living testimonies of God’s blessing on your lives.  Thank you all for 30 years of faithful ministry at FBC Midwest City! You are loved!


Starting in January 2019, The Baptist Messenger is making some major changes. First, the print edition will be mailed bi-weekly instead of weekly. Improvements will be made to make it even more informative and appealing. Second, The Messenger will no longer print church’s newsletter as a “wrap.”

They will assist churches in printing their own newsletter if requested. Third, the bi-weekly print edition will be mailed at no cost to members of Oklahoma Baptist churches! This blessing will be made possible through the Cooperative Program. Finally, The Messenger and a plethora of inspiring news and information will be available digitally on their website. Pray for me and the staff as we make decisions related to the future editions the FBC newsletter.

Sunday is going to be a great Day!