Encounters with God at Special Events – Reece’s Pieces 10/11/2018

Do you remember what it was like to go to Falls Creek as a youth — or, as a child maybe you attended R.A.Camp Hudgens or G.A.Camp Nunny-Cha-Ha?  God was there!  Every time you went, you had a fresh encounter with God.  You listened to God as He revealed himself in nature, music, preaching, fellowship, friendships, and love.  Many adults have experienced the same spiritual revelation attending Christian concerts, evangelism conferences, revivals, Promise Keeper conferences, Beth Moore conferences, and church or convention retreats.  These worship experiences help us grow deeper in love with Jesus Christ and help us realize that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

One of the reasons I sing with the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma is that I experience a fresh encounter with God every time we sing.  Every concert is a blessing, a joy, and a powerful  worship experience with the living God!  This is also the reason many of our ladies sing with the Singing Churchwomen.

I invite you to experience a fresh worship encounter with the living God this coming Thursday evening as the Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma sing at our church.  Please come and bring family and friends.  This is an awesome opportunity to invite your neighbors or co-workers to our church.  Please invite friends who attend other churches also.  We will all be blessed because God will use the songs to speak to each one of us in a personal way.  “Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs!”  Psalm 100:2

Singing Churchwomen Concert
FBC Midwest City
Thursday, October 18th 7:00 PM