Falls Creek Memories ~ Reece’s Pieces 6-14-19

Earlier this week Dana and I were able to spend an afternoon at Falls Creek with our group.  Every time I go to Falls Creek, my mind is flooded with great memories. I not only attended camp there while growing up but also worked at Falls Creek for three years while in high school and college.  After that, I took youth groups to camp for over twenty years.  Some of my best memories are:

  • Seeing students flood the front of the tabernacle during invitations night after night responding to the call of God.
  • Hearing and being inspired by great preaching – the Bible says “faith comes from hearing the message.”
  • Singing praises to God during worship (songs like “Saved, Saved” and “My Tribute”) led by men of God like Gene Bartlett and later Bill Green.
  • Learning and singing great music in B.B. McKinney Chapel with the Falls Creek choir under enthusiastic and skillful leaders like James Woodward.
  • Hitting softballs off the chapel in left field and the cabins in right field during softball games at the old diamond #1.
  • Sweating out wins and losses in the sun at the old concrete volleyball courts.
  • Watching the dating game – seeing which boys and girls would end up together or apart by the end of the week.
  • Cabin devotions when the Holy Spirit began to stir hearts to repentance, renewal, and revival!  God won victories in the hearts of students.

Keep praying for God’s impact on our students as they come home from Falls Creek.  Pray for God to continue to use Falls Creek to change lives, families, churches, and the world!