From My Heart to Yours 7/10/14

From My Heart to Yours

I purchased my first CD back in the mid 80’s. It was the music of the academy award winning film, Chariots of Fire. One of the characters in the story was legendary British runner, Harold Abrahams. He was obsessed with winning, but in a preliminary 100-meter dash leading up to the 1924 Olympics, he was soundly beaten by his British rival, Eric Liddell.  Abrahams did not respond well to the defeat. When his girlfriend tried to encourage him, he said, “If I can’t win, I won’t run!” She quickly responded saying, “If you don’t run, you can’t win.” Life is full of disappointing defeats that tempt us to give up. In the Book of 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul described the Christian life, not as a quick 100 yard dash, but as a marathon race. He also challenged believers to not give up and to keep running. He wrote in 9:24, “Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!”  Christians should run faithfully and be encouraged by the fact that we run to honor Christ in order to receive from Him an eternal reward. If we fail to run; if we stop serving God or give in to sin because of life’s difficulties, we risk losing not only our heavenly reward, we risk not receiving the best reward of all; the reward of hearing the cherished words of our Lord – Well done, good and faithful servant…!  Therefore, brothers and sisters, keep your eyes focused on the finish line; do not allow anything to distract or discourage you; and by all means keep running!


On June 29th we honored the Lord and celebrated our nation’s birthday in an inspiring way! Praise God for Bro. Terry, the Majestic Voices choir, instrumentalists, A/V team, and especially narrator and soloist, Luke Garrett! Also the Family Life committee and kitchen staff were stellar as well! God bless them all for a job well done!


We have begun July in an exciting way; I baptized two new believers on July 6 and next Sunday, July 13, we will hear a brief report of the ministry of the Gideons by the president of the Mid/Del Gideon camp, Sam Young. As you exit the morning service, you will have the opportunity to give to this vital witnessing and scripture distribution ministry. During the evening service, Bro. Jimmie, sponsors, and students will bring a report from their summer missions week in South Dallas this past week.


Don’t forget to pray for our Panama Mission participants – John Cauffiel, Cindy Cauffiel, Rick Foster, Suzanne Premont, Alix Hill, and Rhonda Traue, as they begin training.  We’ve had a missions’ lunch and a Panama Missions Fund has been established. The cost of the trip for each person is $1700. Panama T-shirts can also be purchased which will help them raise some of their support.


We are all concerned about the decline in attendance, which has been accentuated by summer vacations and activities.  One of the ways to help turn that trend around is outreach to prospects and inreach to inactive Sunday School and church members. Bro. Raymond has scheduled a visitation opportunity for Saturday morning, July 19 focusing especially on the prospects we’ve discover through summer ministry activities. We can reverse the current trend, but it will take us all praying, working and contacting.  Let’s do it together!

Dr. Mike