From the Pastor’s Desk 10/5/2017

Preacher and author, Dr. Haddon Robinson, wrote an interesting piece on evangelism and since that has been a recent focus revolving around Share72, I want to share the article with you:

When you think of the term evangelism, what picture flashes onto the wall of your mind? A large stadium filled with people? A small booklet with a set of diagrams? A Christian wearing a pin with the symbol of a fish? A zealous believer playing intellectual chess with a pagan opponent? A salesman convincing a reluctant person to “try Jesus”? Evangelism is a 10-letter dirty word to some of us. While we think it’s a dandy idea for others, we’re sure it isn’t for us. We’re not cut out to sell, nor shrewd enough to play intellectual games with non-Christians. Evangelism, though, isn’t about being a huckster who cons people into buying what they don’t need. It has nothing to do with grabbing people by the lapels and shoving on them a faith that goes no deeper than the shirt pocket. What a grim indictment resides in the remark, “You could identify the people she had witnessed to by their haggard look.” Evangelism is simply sharing with others what we know about Jesus. “We do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord” (2 Corinthians 4:5). No tricks. No deception. Speak the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth—in love. Then, leave the results with God.


The annual meeting of the Capital Baptist Association will be at FBC Bethany on Tuesday, October 10th. If you were elected to be a messenger, you need to pick up your registration car from Janet. If you would like to attend as a messenger, all you need to do is call or come by the church office.


Pray for our Stewardship Committee as they begin their work on a recommended spending guide for 2018.