From the Pastor’s Desk 3/8/2018

As a local church goes through life cycles, it goes through a number of experiences. When considering the local church in North America…over 80% of existing churches are barely level in attendance or are declining. Why? The answers are varied and sometimes unique to each congregation.  Chuck Swindoll says, “Organizations tend to lose vitality rather than gain it as time passes. They also tend to give greater attention to what they were rather than what they are.” I agree with Dr. Swindoll. Some people who have been in a church for many years start reflecting on times when their church’s attendance was considerably higher; they remember a time when there was an excitement for and a commitment to the Sunday School; they remember a time when they were involved in numerous ministries; they remember a time when they couldn’t wait to get to church. Typically, when people only have an “I remember when” testimony, it usually is an indication that their current church involvement, excitement, vitality, and spirit of anticipation have all diminished; it may also be an indication that their own commitment to Christ has diminished as well. Remember – Organizations tend to lose vitality rather than gain it as time passes.

The need for revival is a given; but there are other factors that cannot be ignored; growing secularism in the current culture is causing many churches to become more like the world rather than vice-versa; the prevailing spiritual climate makes it exponentially more challenging to maintain consistent growth than it was thirty or forty years ago; add to that the fact that many young adults do not see the church as being relevant to and necessary; there is also the effect of  many great saints of God (who used to be the “life blood” of the church) have moved away or “graduated to glory.” The NAMB equipping team report states, “Jesus gave us marching orders in Matthew 28:18-20 and the strategy in Acts 1:8, yet many churches today are stagnate and struggling just to survive. The local church today seems to have misplaced its purpose, its power, and its plan. While many believers know the church’s purpose, there is a disconnect between the purpose and the actual practice of a church to implement the biblical mandate.”


Our first “Second Saturday Outreach” is this Saturday morning. There are prospects who were discovered during special events that took place near the end of 2017. Wendell Kluge has been working hard to keep our Sunday Schools focused on the Great Commission; and since FAITH is no longer active, more of us need to “step up” and “reach out.” Donuts and coffee will be served at 9:30 a.m.; then we will team up and go out at 10:00 a.m. and let these prospects know that God loves them and so do we. If you would like to see the attendance begin to grow, let’s do our part!

You are loved!


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