From the Pastor’s Desk 4/19/2018

Have you ever prayed for something specific, only to be surprised and blessed by an answer that was both unexpected and better? The following devotional came from the Our Daily Bread    archives dated, April 22, 2002:

A man who lived far out in the country bought his clothing from a mail-order catalog. At the bottom of the printed order form he noticed this statement: “If we do not have the article you ordered in stock, may we substitute?” The first time that he wrote “yes,” they sent him something that was worth double the price of the article he had requested. The company explained, “We are sorry we do not have the article in stock which you ordered. We are sending you something better at our expense.” After that, the man said he always printed out much more boldly the word “yes” at the bottom of the order blank. He knew he would not be disappointed by the substitution. So too, when we pray to God, it is good to tell Him that we are quite willing to let Him take our weak prayers and answer them according to His will. Too often we pray and do not see our requests answered because we selfishly “ask amiss” (James 4:3). Instead, we need to examine the motives of our hearts and trust Him to give us exactly what we need. We can be sure that when we do He will send us something far better, yes, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).  

Keep this in mind when you pray; when God chooses not to give you what you ask, it may be because He is going to give you something better. God is good all the time; and all the time, God is good!


Once again, I was encouraged and blessed by the response to Second Saturday Outreach! Raymond Melton prepared a wonderful breakfast to help jumpstart the morning. Bro. Wendell, as  he always does, led by example and organized for success. Some of the visits bore immediate fruit on Sunday morning! Thank you, Sandy Kluge, for your help as well. I hope you will be a part of the next Second Saturday Outreach on May 12.


What preachers “light my fire” and “ring my bell?” During last Sunday evening’s Life Study Class, we watch a video sermon preached by my preaching professor, Dr. Joel Gregory. What an expositor of Holy Scripture! This Sunday night we will see the last sermon preached by Dr. W.A. Criswell entitled The Old Time Religion.  It was preached at a Pastor’s Conference in 1998 at the FBC in Jacksonville, Florida. I was blessed to be in the audience during that historic moment. Join us at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall to hear Dr. Criswell’s last sermon.


You are loved!