From the Pastor’s Desk 4-5-2018

As you read this week’s post, I am in the process of experiencing a “bucket list” blessing that I never thought would become a reality – This week, I am in Augusta, Georgia attending a few days of the 2018 Masters Golf tournament! This trip was actually Heather’s birthday present to Brent when he turned 40 back in August; I simply was given the privilege of being of part of his blessing! We attended Wednesday’s very popular pre-tournament par 3 contest, Thursday’s opening round and we will be watching the final round on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, we will get to play on two area courses; this will be interesting, especially since I have only played one round of golf in the last two years! Regardless, this is a special experience that I am getting to share with my son. The only thing that would have made it better would have been for Johnnie Kay and Grant to have also experienced the week with us; I will be returning home Monday evening. Please pray for our safety in travel.

I also want to thank Janet Atterbury, Carmen Funderburk, Tonja Cousins and a hundred or more volunteers and contributors for the preparation and implementation of last Saturday’s Eggsstravaganza. The day could not have been better, IMO. There were around 250 people present, including many neighborhood and area children, there was great fun, food, and some exciting prizes. Most importantly, the focus of the morning was placed on the true meaning of Easter! Blessings to all!

Easter Sunday was wonderful! Under Bro. Reece’s leadership, the music and worship was victorious and inspiring. It was also a great blessing to see the bottom floor of the sanctuary almost full. God bless every person who participated and/or prayed.  He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Finally I want to express my appreciation to John Cauffiel for leading last Wednesday night’s Bible study and prayer service and to Rev. Alan Swarts, who will be preaching God’s word in both services this Sunday.

You are loved!