From the Pastor’s Desk 6/14/2018 – Happy Father’s Day

Sometimes when I’ve been in a crowded place, like a mall, ballgame, or theme park, I’ve heard someone call out, “Hey, Dad!” I instinctively looked around to see who’s calling. While most of the time it was not one of my boys, those experiences reminded me of the universal nature of the name, Dad. I was also reminded of the incredible responsibility we as dads have, in addition to the great privilege. All of us who answer to, “Hey, Dad!” have at least one child who looks to us for protection, guidance, friendship, training, discipline, love, and much more. I cannot think of a more challenging and rewarding job. Being a dad means that God has entrusted me with the task of training my children in the way they should go (Prov.22:6). He has also given us the responsibility to teach them to reverentially fear the Lord (Ps.128). If we know Christ as Savior and Lord, our heavenly Father will help us as we care for our children. Caring for our children means more than just food, shelter, and clothing. It also involves spending time with them. One survey a few years ago revealed that fathers with children ages 2-12 spent an average of only 12 minutes a day with them. We need to do things with them that they enjoy. And for our efforts, we get lots of hugs, neat Father’s Day cards, and the chance to hear them say, “Hey, Dad!” 

Happy Father’s Day! You are loved.