From the Pastor’s Desk 8/2/2018

Recently, I began reflecting on the millions of Americans who died in World Wars I and II and    I wondered what they would think if they could return and revisit their hometowns in 2018. While they would see many wonderful improvements and advancements, they would also see a nation that is sadly different from the one they knew. They would wonder why we have a national divorce rate that exceeds 50%. They would be surprised to discover that Gideons can no longer stand on school property and offer New Testaments to the students, while other organizations can hand out free condoms. They would be troubled by the blatant attacks on marriage and the family, with attempts being made to redefine both institutions.  Finally, many of them would be burdened to discover that it is no longer allowed to pray in the same classrooms where they were once could (and did) pray. These are simply symptoms of a deeper problem. America needs a spiritual awakening. One former President who served in another era once said, “It is my conviction that the fundamental trouble with the people of the United States is that they have gotten too far away from Almighty God.”  I wonder what he would say if he was still alive today. It has been more than 100 years since the last spiritual awakening came to America. Will all the things that burden us about our country “drive us to our knees” seeking the forgiveness, help, and mercy of Almighty God? I pray that they will.


Summer is winding down and for some, school is already winding up. Take time this week to pray for our teachers and schools, whether public, Christian, or home schools. The challenges they face have never been more challenging. And when you see teachers and administrators, thank them for their dedication and tell them you are praying for them as they begin the new school year.


I want to thank all who have encouraged me throughout the recent sermon series, Making Judgments in a Culture of Tolerance. The studies were challenging to prepare, but I was thankful for the many people who voiced their appreciation for the proclamation of the truth of God’s word. I pray that the seeds that were sown will bear much fruit for the glory of God!

You are loved!