From the Pastor’s Desk 9/20/2018

The 119th Psalm is the longest chapter in the Bible. It emphasizes that God’s word holds the keys to restoring enthusiasm. The New Testament talks about laying aside cumbersome weights that hinder you. This Psalm helps to identify issues that pull you down. Waning enthusiasm isn’t an emotional problem; it’s a spiritual problem that can’t be solved with a pep talk or a mountaintop experience. Unfortunately, people drive many miles and spend a lot of money attending meetings to get pumped up emotionally or to listen to a popular prosperity preacher; all trying to restore enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm literally means “God within.” The ultimate source of enthusiasm is God living in you! The human body needs food and proper care to function at its best; the Spirit who dwells in every saved person thrives when properly nourished. The Bible (God’s word) provides the Christian with all the spiritual nutrients he or she can absorb.  Coupled with the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, God’s Word continues a work of transformation that began the day you got saved. The effects, however, are not immediate, any more than you can reverse the effects of physical starvation with just one meal. The thrust of this long, but great Psalm is that you must feed upon a steady diet of biblical truth and apply its   principles to your daily life. Don’t just quickly read a few verses so you can say, “I read my  bible today.” Study it; think about it; meditate on it; then live it. Try not to let a day pass  without spiritual nourishment; you will be pleasantly surprised how over time the word of God and the God in you will restore your enthusiasm.


Fall Life Study Classes
Begin September 30
6:00 P.M.


Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst

Facilitator: Johnnie Kay Tignor
Will meet in the People-in-Ministry/GriefShare Room
Cost: $13 for Study Guide
Call the church office to sign up


Choosing the Extraordinary Life: Elijah’s Seven Secrets to Spiritual Significance
by Dr. Robert Jeffress

Facilitator: Dr. Mike Tignor
Will meet in the Fellowship Hall
Cost: Free (materials provided)
No Advance Sign-up Necessary