From the Pastor’s Desk 9/6/2018

The following devotional was written by Mart De Haan and appeared on his website

Been Thinking About with Mart De Haan and friends:

Just before Labor Day, I took a few days off work and decided to spend some time trying to brush up a rusty golf swing. What I saw when I got to the range made me laugh. A family of wild turkeys seemed to have concluded that the safest place in the world isn’t in the woods, but in a “duffers” target line. They seemed to have no sense of being in harm’s way. A close call for them was nothing more than a moment of confusion.  Looking back, I wondered how much like those turkeys I am. In some ways, since 9-11 of 2001, our world seems less safe than before the Towers fell. Even if we wonder what really happened on that day and why, we’ve learned to live with a heightened sense of danger. But on the other hand, my guess is that, like the turkeys at the driving range, I spend far too much of my life oblivious to the fact that, the real dangers of life aren’t found in issues of government or national security. The real dangers, according to the Bible, involve a failure to trust our God in the face of all that we have going for and against us. It’s easy to forget how misleading good times can be– or how much opportunity for faith, hope, and love there are in the troubles that haunt and hound us. On one hand the Apostle Paul tells us that we are not fighting against “flesh and blood” but against an organized system of spiritual power (Eph 6:12). On the other hand, the Apostle James gives us reason to believe that the Devil himself knows that we are our own worst enemy when we forget who our Provider is, chase blind desire, and fail to humble ourselves in the presence of our God (James 4:1-8). My guess is that if I could see what is really going on, I’d often look and sound like a turkey looking for lunch… in the middle of a driving range.



A new semester of Life Study Classes will begin on September 30. There will be two classes this fall:   one for ladies, facilitated by Johnnie Kay; and another that will be co-ed that I will facilitate. All details related to the classes (study titles, cost, room locations, etc.) will be publicized in next week’s Messenger.



Our 2018 Harvest Banquet will be on Sunday evening, November 11 (second Sunday in November).

The reason for the change in schedule revolves around a very special program personality who was only available on the 11th. So, put the Harvest Banquet on your calendar for November 11 at 6:00 p.m.

Details will be published a few weeks prior to the event.



You are loved!