Newsletter, Sermons, and Information ~ From the Pastor’s Desk 1-4-2019

From My Heart to Yours:

A few months ago, I was informed of the policy changes related to The Baptist Messenger that would go into effect in January 2019. The BGCO Board of Directors approved the decision to transition to a bi-weekly print edition (instead of weekly), in addition to approving the decision to no longer attach local church newsletters to the state paper. The most welcomed board-approved decision was to mail the new print editions of The Messenger free of charge to any Oklahoma Baptist church member who desires to receive it. Since most news and information today is being read digitally online, these and other decisions should not be surprising.

As a result, we have responded in kind; the church office will continue producing our own Messenger, but the FBC Messenger will be produced bi-weekly during the first and third weeks of the month starting this month. If you prefer receiving a print edition by mail, please notify the church office. Thus far, a large majority of members prefer being informed about church news by reading the information on the church website – – Capital Baptist Association will also be  following a similar format and schedule.


I will conclude my last month of preaching as your Senior Pastor with a sermon series titled: Concluding Exhortations from a Thankful Pastor. I pray that these studies will be informing, challenging, and encouraging.


Beginning this Sunday night, I want to share some practical information that I believe will help the church face the months ahead confidently and expectantly. People have asked me different questions ranging from future plans to procedures for accomplishing those plans. During this Sunday’s evening service, I want to share some possibilities that exist regarding the immediate need for an interim pastor.  It will not be a business meeting; no decisions will be made. At the end of the service and subsequent evening services, I will call the church to prayer. I am also in the process of calendaring pulpit supply preachers and teachers for the Sundays and Wednesdays in February.  I pray the initial months after I step down will be unifying and inspiring. Will you join me in that prayer?

The special Christmas season services in December were outstanding! God blessed the preparation and the messages that were presented.

I hope to see you (and a friend) in Bible study and worship this Sunday!
And as always,
You are loved!