People in Ministry

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Director – Carla Swarts

Teacher – Alan Swarts

Our class is a very diverse and caring bible study class.  We have a good mixture of Christ-centered adults of all ages from many different walks of life, which makes for some lively and very thought-provoking discussions. We have a great teacher, Rev. Alan Swarts, having pastored a church for years up in Kansas, has a passion for teaching and explaining the word in language we all can understand.  He explains it as best he knows and invites us to embrace the lessons and let the Lord relate to each of us just what the God wants us to learn in the lesson, and how it can work in some aspect of our own life.  With an understanding of the message, we are better able and urged, to share and minister to other believers and non-believers, thus making us true disciples of ministry.  We get our lessons from a great ‘quarterly with 3 months worth of lessons in each. The classmates take turns bringing treats on Sunday mornings, i.e. donuts, casseroles, fresh fruit, homemade pastries, to have with coffee before class as we get caught up on the past week.  We really look forward to seeing each other on Sundays and before you realize it, you’re part of a loving, Christian family.  In our class we all have had some spiritual growth and maturity.  With our group discussions and testimonies from fellow members, reaching out and reaching within, we all are, People In Ministry!!!

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