Reece’s Pieces 12-6-2019

75th Anniversary Afterglow

We truly had a grand 75th Anniversary Celebration!  It was inspiring to hear all of the testimonies, history, letters, videos, proclamations, music, and the message from Bobby Kelly.  The photo displays, decorations, food and fellowship were great.  I pray that we will continue “Shining Bright” as we look forward to a new era with a new pastor.  Please say a special thanks to the volunteer Anniversary Planning Team that helped put the celebration together.  They are Janet Atterbury, Autumn & Bryan Babcock, Bob Bauer, Cindy Cauffiel, Tonja Cousins, David Howell, Lenore Jones, Carolyn Leslie, Jimmie Tribble, and Reece Watson.  Thanks also to the Family Life & Activities Committee, Decorating Committee, Public Relations Committee, our Sunday greeters, kitchen crew, and all who came to the church work day!

Christmas Musical “ Worthy”– Sunday, December 15th at 10:15 am

Please invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members to our Christmas musical on the morning of December 15th.  Our
multi-generational choir (children, students, and adults) will exalt Emmanuel, God with us.  We will praise Jesus Christ as Lord, the One who is worthy of our praise.   For followers of Christ, our Christmas musical will be an inspiring time of celebration and encouragement.  For non-Christians, the musical will be a great opportunity to hear the gospel through music, scripture, and preaching.  Bobby Kelly will be preaching a brief sermon at the end of our musical.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower our music and our witness!