Reece’s Pieces 9/13/2018

It’s Much More Than Singing!

Changes in church ministries have greatly accelerated in the last few years.  However, the purposes of the church (worship, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and ministry) remain the same even though churches approach and carry out these purposes in many different ways.  One of the ways our church has chosen to teach these purposes to children is through children’s choirs in our CMA program.

Purposes for Children’s Music Academy:


  • We help children develop a passion for worshipping God through music. Children develop a heart for worship as they learn musical skills and songs. We prepare children to sing in worship services and seasonal programs.


  • We help children to grow as Christ-followers through the scriptural content of musical lyrics and through song themes built on Christian character principles.  The children also memorize scripture.


  • Children learn songs about salvation.  These songs not only help children come to know Christ but also help children know how to share the message of salvation.


  • In CMA, children develop strong relationships with other children and with their leaders.


  • CMA choirs serve through singing in worship and seasonal programs and by giving offerings for special projects.

The CMA Kickoff Party is this Sunday at 4:30 pm