Saved by His Power Divine ~ Reece’s Pieces 2-14-2020

One of my favorite hymns is “Saved, Saved!”  I remember first singing it when I was three years old.  I went with my parents to Falls Creek that summer and sat on the front row of the old tabernacle right in front of the band.  Every time we sang the end of the chorus “life now is sweet and my joy is complete for I’m saved, saved, saved!” the music director would pump his fist in the air and the cymbals would crash together.  After Falls Creek that summer, my parents said that every time our church sang “Saved, Saved” I would pump my fist in the air, just like I had seen it done at camp.  Only God knew that one day He would call me to music ministry, and He used that experience to stir my interest in praising the Lord through music. Isn’t it interesting that many years later, Bill Green brought the excitement of “Saved, Saved” to a new generation at Falls Creek with tympani rolls at the end of each chorus.

As much as I enjoy cymbals and drum rolls, the real excitement of “Saved, Saved” is the expression of pure joy in the song.  It’s easy to get excited when we are testifying that we are “Saved, by His power divine, saved to new life sublime!”  This Sunday we’ll be singing “Saved, Saved” and several other great songs of praise to our Lord.  Pray for our singing to be a blessing to the Lord, a witness to the lost, and an edifying sacrifice of praise for the body of Christ.  You can look forward to hearing the choir sing about the unending grace of God, and look forward to our whole congregation proclaiming, “I’m saved, saved, saved!”  You can even pump your fist in the air if you want to.