Discerning God’s Will

September 15, 2019
Today, we take a look in Acts at the disciples while they are trying to replace Judas and discern God's will in the process.

Mission Possible

September 8, 2019
God has given us a mission.  We are called to be God's witnesses and to wait for Jesus' return.

Family Matters

September 1, 2019
Today we take a look at Colossians where Paul speaks about what a Christian household looks like.  What does that mean to our family lives today in comparison to when…

A Pastoral Selfie

July 28, 2019
Today we continue our look at the letter from Paul in Colossians.  Today, we take a look at what Paul wrote about suffering for the Gospel and struggling for the…

He Is!

July 21, 2019
Today, we take a look at Paul's letter in Colossians 1: 18-20 that has hymnic qualities.

Thanksgiving in the Dark

July 14, 2019
We continue through the book of Colossians this week by taking a look at the subject of giving thanks to God in dark times.