Seven Words of Worship – Reece’s Pieces 1-31-2020

As a worship leader, I am always drawn to sermons, Bible studies, and books on worship – especially when they encourage and edify the church.  A few years ago Mike Harland (leader of Lifeway music) and Stand Moser (a music publisher and worship resource consultant) wrote a book entitled “Seven Words of Worship.”  The words are: creation, grace, love, response, expression, presence, and experience.  They took these words and Biblically explained how they are a key to a lifetime of experiencing God.  Here is their key summary statement.  Read it over a few times and examine your own heart of worship.

Each of us was created by God for relationship with Him,
but we can only enjoy that relationship by God’s grace
God’s great love for us, demonstrated in Christ Jesus,
initiates our response.  The only reasonable and
adequate response is our expression of worship. 
As we worship, God has promised His presence
We can always experience God in worship!

What about you?  Are you experiencing God in worship?  Is your Sunday worship a response to God’s revelation?  Are you “tuning in” to God as He reveals Himself in various ways throughout the week? 

Let this be your prayer: God, thank You for inviting me into Your presence!  Give me a growing hunger to know You and desire Your presence in my life.  Thank you for being my High Priest and making a way for me to enter Your presence!  Amen.


Coming on Sunday Evenings beginning February 9th

  • BASIC Youth Choir & Youth Intramurals  4:45 – 5:45 pm
  • Children’s Music Academy  6:00 – 7:15 pm
  • Life Study Classes for Adults & Students  6:00 -7:15 pm
  • Men’s Class in Fellowship Hall– Seven Challenges Men Encounter (facilitator Bryan Babcock)
  • Ladies Class in Fuquay Faith Builders Classroom– No Other Gods (facilitator Dana Watson)
  • Youth Class – Apologetics (led by Jimmie Tribble)