Suggestions and Possibilities About the Immediate Future ~ From the Pastor’s Desk 11/15/2018

Since I announced my decision to retire from full-time pastoral ministry, I have been asked several questions about what will happen in the immediate future and how will the process play out. While my answer has been, “That is for the church to decide,” I can offer a few suggestions and possibilities:


  1. Begin asking God now to guide the ministers, deacons, and other church leaders as they continue to lead the church in carrying out the Great Commission.
  2. Begin asking God now to lead the church in electing godly members to serve on an Interim Pastor Search Committee. An interim pastor’s duties could be limited to preaching and teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays or they could be expanded to also  provide ministerial team building and limited responsibilities of administrative leader ship. Capital Baptist Association and the BGCO are available to assist the church and its committees during the search processes. I encourage the church to elect this search committee by mid-January.
  3. Supply preachers will need to be scheduled each week until the new interim pastor begins his ministry. I am currently awaiting confirmation from Sen. James Lankford to speak on Men’s Day, February 3. Dr. Bobby Kelly has already accepted my invitation to teach the Winter Bible Study, February 10-13. I will be glad to schedule pulpit     supplies for the remaining Sundays in February, if the church desires my assistance.
  4. The interim search process may be relatively brief, or it could take several weeks. The length of an interim pastor’s ministry typically ranges from 6 months to a year, or  more. This timetable is based upon history or past trends; but this is not a company HR matter; it involves the divine calling of a man of God and the divine leading of the Spirit of God upon a search committee committed to find God’s man. This applies to any search committee (interim pastor or senior pastor).


Rest assured that the same God who gave me peace in my decision to retire, already has a plan for His church at FBC Midwest City.


You are loved; and I am praying for you!