The Gospel and the Next Generation ~ Reece’s Pieces 5-31-2019

This week is Sports Camp for kids, next week we have
Vacation Bible School, the following week is Falls Creek for students, and that’s just the beginning of the summer.  Later we have a student mission trip, BGCO music camps at OBU, Cross Timbers, and then Worship Arts Camp for Kids.  Why all the emphasis on children and students? 

I recently read about a student named Danny.  Danny didn’t grow up going to church.  He started playing basketball at church with his high school friends and enjoyed the recreation and fellowship.  When he was invited to attend worship by one of the campus ministers he said he wasn’t interested in organized religion, especially Christianity.  However, he kept hanging around and was slowly “drawn in” by the warm welcome and hospitality at the church gym and student ministry activities.  One day the student minister decided to share the gospel with Danny one-on-one.  He decided to start at the beginning and began to explain the creation of Adam and Eve and then he moved toward the fall of man and sin.  In a few minutes Danny interrupted and asked, “Who is Adam, is he one of the campus ministry people I haven’t met yet?”  You see, Danny had never set foot in church and had never heard the Biblical account of creation.  This is more and more
common in our world today – even here in the “Bible belt.” 

Students and children need to be “loved” into the church.     Actually that’s true for adults too.  All the summer camps and activities give great opportunities for students and children to come to know Christ, to grow in Christ, and to build lasting relationships in the church and Christian community.

Bottom line – we can’t leave the job of reaching the next generation to student ministers and children’s teachers.  It is   the job of every church member to develop relationships, show hospitality, and build bridges to students and children.

Come and hear more teaching on this subject!
Life Study Class this Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall
David Platt – The Gospel and the Next Generation