The Lord’s Supper – Sunday, October 7; 10:15 AM

Lord’s Supper
Morning Worship Service
This Sunday, October 7


God said to the children of Israel, “To remind you and your children of what I have done in delivering you out of Egyptian bondage, guiding you through the wilderness and into the Promise Land, I want you to lay 12 stones for a memorial…” Memory is the ability to recall past experiences and a memorial is simply a stimulant to a person’s memory. There are several memorials in the Bible and the one which I cited in the above scripture was given by God to the children of Israel as they crossed the Jordan. He also gave them the memorial of the Passover Feast, which was a stimulant to their memory of how the death angel “passed over” them when he saw the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. As a result, they were under the protective care of the blood. In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus inaugurated a new memorial during the celebration of the Passover Feast; something that would be a stimulant to every believer’s memory of what He was going to do on the cross. This Sunday morning, we will eat the unleavened bread and drink the fruit if the vine in remembrance of Jesus.