The Tyranny of the Urgent ~ Reece’s Pieces 3-1-2019

Several years ago, my wife asked me to refinish the wood of an upholstered chair she wanted to put in our living room.  I had a shop in my basement and started the project by taking an arm off of the chair.  However, after sanding down the arm, I set it aside because other projects were more pressing and needed my attention.  Home repairs, auto repairs, and yard work were always more important than re-finishing that chair, so it got covered up and almost forgotten.  When we moved to Midwest City, I put the arm back on the chair, but it went to the back of the storage shed.  Last week, after five years of procrastination, I finally started work on the chair once again!

You may be wondering, why now?  What made me dig it out and start the work again?  It only took one trip to Mathis Brothers with my wife to see all their expensive new chairs to realize we had a great chair in storage that would cost much less to refinish and was way more comfortable to sit in than the new ones.

Many Christians approach their spiritual growth like I treated my chair project.  You’ve probably experienced it.   You meant well, but something always seemed more urgent than reading your Bible or having a quiet time with God.  You may have even purchased a devotional book or new worship CD with great intentions of growing closer to the Lord but never got around to putting them to use.  Lately, you have intended to pray regularly for our church and our new search committee but just haven’t set aside the time.

It’s time to “lean in” to God and spend that quality and quantity time with Him.  You need it; your family needs it, and your church family needs it.  Psalm 4:3 says “Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord will hear when I call to him.”

Choir Workshop – Saturday, March 9th   8:30-11:30 AM
Palm Sunday/Easter Music “Jesus, Only King Forever”