The World’s Most Influential Person – From the Pastor’s Desk 9/27/2018

If you were asked to select the most influential people in history, what names would be on your list? I am confident that one name that would appear on most lists would be “Jesus.” No other name is as powerful or controversial as the name of Jesus. While we love to magnify His name and worship Him, many others want to remove any reference to Him from public view. But Reynolds Price, writing about “Jesus of Nazareth” in Time Magazine (December 1999), declared that “a serious argument can be made that no life has proven remotely as powerful and enduring as that of Jesus.” So, when this Man, born in an obscure village two thousand years ago, declared, “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12) and “My words will by no means pass away” (Luke 21:33), He was making predictions that history has verified ever since He spoke those words. Jesus has undeniably been the world’s most influential Person. But the one event that separates Him from other notable people (deceased or still living), is  His glorious resurrection. Tell someone how He has influenced your life and eternity!


Life Study classes begin this Sunday at 6:00 P.M.

Ladies will study Uninvited in the PIM/GriefShare room in the Fuquay Building (6 weeks)

Co-ed class will study Choosing the Extraordinary Life: Elijah’s Seven Secrets to Spiritual Significance in the Fellowship Hall (7 weeks)


I met recently with the leadership of the Property and Space and Stewardship Committees concerning some water leak repairs and exterior signage (directional assistance for guests) that are urgently needed. These matters cannot wait a few months and sources of funding will need to be a matter of prayer. If you were at last Wednesday’s business meeting you heard Sherri Wall speak regarding this need. I expect a recommendation will be brought to the church during the October business meeting.

You are loved!