Every Single Person Counts ~ Reece’s Pieces 10-8-2021

Several years ago, most church choirs transitioned from a performance-based mindset in which we sang “specials,” to a “worship-leading” mindset in which the choir is praising and worshipping Jesus and at the same time is focused on leading the congregation to worship also.  Choir members spend a lot of time rehearsing and internalizing the messages of songs in order to be prepared to encourage the whole congregation to engage in worship.

Mike Harland, former director of Lifeway Worship, wrote about an experience he had that transformed his way of thinking about singing to the Lord.  Here’s what he said:

Once, while I was singing in a choir between two incredible singers and in a choir that was loaded with talent, I found myself thinking, “They don’t need me. No one will even notice if I don’t sing.” At that point, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to my spirit: “But no one else can give me your worship and your voice. Don’t sing because they need you – sing because you love me – no one else can give me your worship.” I immediately started singing a different way. Choirs full of people giving their worship to God are choirs that will lead the worship of others in a powerful way.

Mike Harland’s point about nobody else being able to give the Lord “your worship and your voice” is true not only for choir members, but also for every member of the congregation. 

Will you “re-commit” to raising your voice in worship as a gift to the Lord as your own sacrifice of praise? Every single person counts!

Multi-generational Choir will sing Sunday, October 10
Rehearsal/Sound Check from 8:45-9:00am Sunday morning
(CMA 1st-5th grades, BASIC Student Choir, & Majestic Voices)