Hallelujah for the Cross (and the Resurrection) ~ Reece’s Pieces 5-20-2022

Just a few years ago, I was in Washington D.C. over the Memorial Day weekend with the Singing Churchmen & Churchwomen.  We sang concerts and shared the gospel at many of the memorial sights and were well received by diverse crowds.  Everywhere we went, there were big crowds as you might expect on a holiday weekend. 

Arlington National Cemetery was no different.  Thousands of people were there to visit this special place and remember our heroes.  I had been there before and knew what to expect, but the sight of all of those headstones put a lump in my throat again.  The rows and rows of gleaming white headstones, running up and down the hills as far as I could see, overwhelmed me.  Each stone represents a life, a death, service to our country, and a sacrifice for freedom.

The scene that put tears in my eyes was a lady in a wheelchair at one grave in the middle of a sea of graves.  There’s no way she got there by herself in her wheelchair.  Someone had taken her there and left her (probably at her request) to mourn and remember her loved one – a spouse, a parent, or a child who had served our country.  She was taking her time to remember and pay tribute.

As Christ followers, we know all about paying tribute.  This Sunday, and every Sunday as we gather in worship, we acknowledge Almighty God as sovereign, and we pay tribute to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for us by singing songs of praise.   As we sing, we celebrate the love and sacrifice of Jesus which enables us to experience forgiveness of sin and victory over death.  In contrast to the graves and tombs in the cemetery, we know that Jesus came out of His tomb and is alive!  We serve a risen Savior!

Hallelujah for the war He fought, Love has won, death has lost.
Hallelujah for the souls He bought, Hallelujah for the cross!