Students (6th-12th)

We have an active youth group that accepts and involves all students. You will be encouraged and challenged by the messages shared each time the youth gathers. Giving of ourselves is an essential element in growing in Christ. This is done through community missions like cleaning up yards, painting and summer sports camps. In reaching out to help others, the missions are sometimes needed outside the metropolitan area, and sometimes may even be called to other states. Whatever the mission/ministry, thinking of others and being a part of giving a hand up, is one way each student will grow in their walk with our Savior.

Jesus 1st Student Ministries

Middle School: students 6th-8th grade

High School: students 9th-12th grade

(all activities are together)

*Sunday School: Meet and Greet 8:50 am-9:10 am, Worship 9:10-9:20, Opening Assembly 9:20 am-9:30 am, Sunday School Class- 9:30 am-10:00 am


Weekly Events:



Intramurals (4:45 – 6 pm, Gym)
  Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

Young people learn first-hand that Christ followers can have fun while enjoying sports. This is an excellent time to teach the values of Christ’s ethics while enjoying a sport. Depending on the season, this can be basketball, volleyball, swimming or some other activity.

B.A.S.I.C. Music & Drama Group (4:45 – 5:45 pm, Choir Room)
Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

BASIC is our youth drama and choir performance group for 6th -12th graders. They learn through drama, singing, and technology how to present Christ to others and lead them in worship. We learn more about coming closer in our relationship with God through worship and praise.

BASIC meets every Sunday in the Chapel. We participate in the same programs as CMA with a Christmas program in December and spring program in May and various performances in Sunday morning worship services. We kickoff and restart the same days with CMA. BASIC meets earlier so students can attend Life Study Classes with the youth group.

Life Study Class (6 – 7 pm, Upper Room -Youth Room)
Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

Young people are learning through scripture, video or instruction how to apply God’s Word to day-to-day living. Accepting Christ into your heart is life changing at any age. It can be difficult when your peers are running against God – not towards him. These Life Study Classes will help our students see the importance of seeking God, finding him and sharing him with others.



Live (6 – 8 pm, Winter)
Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

Each Wednesday is different. The second Wednesday of the month our youth volunteer at Feed The Children.

As the holidays focus on giving, so do the youth by visiting nursing homes or caroling to the homebound. No matter where they go or who they see, the focus is always to present a message of love.

FITS – Fun in the Son (Summer, Gym)
Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

This is a time for youth to be in a safe environment by having fun playing basketball or volleyball in the church gym. In the summer, swimming may be the sport of choice. The youth feel comfortable inviting friends to join in the fun, and the opportunities to share the gospel are endless.


Annual Youth Events:

Falls Creek Youth Camp (5 days, 4 nights in June)
Ages: Completed 6th – 12th Grades

Nested in the enchanting Arbuckle Mountains, campers will spend 5 days and 4 nights where there is scenic beauty but modern facilities.

Falls Creek is the youth camp where lives are changed forever. Tens of thousands of students have come to have a personal relationship with Christ. After a week of meeting new friends, enhancing current friendships, partaking in numerous and various outdoor activities or just enjoying the endless supply of food, the goal is reached by souls being fed through Bible studies, worship, song and praise.

Mission Trips (July)
Ages: 6th – 12th Grades

Trips taken by the students can be in our own back yard or out of state. Our youth will go to communities and present the gospel to residents in need. The needs may be physical in nature, such as cleaning, painting, yard work or even preparing and serving meals. The youth come back with a clearer picture of others with needs and how Christ wants us to serve and help meet those needs.


Other Various Events in the Year

* February & March- Work Trips to get Cross Timbers & Falls Creek ready for summer season-
* Disciple Now Weekend- March
* Ladies Retreat @ Falls Creek- April
* Men’s Retreat @ Falls Creek- April
* Senior Recognition Day – May
* Middle & High School Camp @ Falls Creek
* Youth Workers Golf Tournament
* Youth Evangelism Conference- August
* FCA Game Day- September
* See You @ The Pole- September
* Fall Break Retreat @ Falls Creek-October
* Youth Projects- November Wednesday Nights