Now I Can See ~ Reece’s Pieces 11-20-2020

At age nine, my school teacher told my parents that I was having trouble seeing the chalk board at school. They took me to the eye doctor and soon I had my first pair of glasses.  The ride home with my new glasses was remarkable.  I discovered a new world in focus.  It was a dramatic change from what I had been seeing.   About thirty five years later, my eye doctor told me I needed bifocals.  When I first put on my progressive lenses, I had to learn which part of my glasses to look through to see in focus.  It was a major adjustment, but once again I could see clearly both near and far with a slight tilt of my head.

As you know, Pastor Trey has been preaching through the book of James.  His overall theme has been “Wisdom for a Foolish Age.”  We can certainly agree that we all need wisdom from God.  However, I think applying God’s wisdom can be compared to wearing prescription glasses.  Without wisdom, everything is out of focus.  Unfortunately, those who lack the ability to apply knowledge and wisdom from God either don’t know they can’t “see clearly,” or they just aren’t willing to submit to God and see things from His perspective.  The Bible’s wisdom gives us the opportunity to see in focus, but sometimes we aren’t willing to adjust to our progressive lenses, so we take them off and walk around in an “out of focus” world. 

When we gather for worship, we are able to hear God’s wisdom and teaching from the message of the songs, the sermon from God’s Word, and most of all, from the Holy Spirit.  During this season of thanksgiving, let’s double our efforts to apply what the Holy Spirit is revealing to us.  We can be thankful for physical things like glasses and progressive lenses, but we can be even more thankful for spiritual things like salvation, transformation, discipleship, and wisdom for a foolish age.

If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom. 
James 3:13