Summer in the Psalms

Pastor Trey’s previous sermon series is: “Summer in the Psalms.”

We won’t go through the whole book of Psalms together, but we will spend time looking at certain Psalms in context during the Summer months.

Below are the sermons in order of when they were preached.

To listen to Pastor Trey’s current sermon series: “Wisdom for a Foolish Age: A Study through James” click here.

Full Worship Service Videos
How Can You Live a Blessed Life?
Why Are You Fighting God?
Are You Seeing the World with Christian Eyes?
Is There Purpose in Our Predicaments?
What Would It Look Like for You to Truly Depend on God?
What is Every Christian’s Responsibility in Today’s World? ~Jimmie Tribble
What Does Thankfulness Look Like?
Where Do You Find Satisfaction?
How Do You Deal with Your Guilty Conscience?
Are You Burdened with Sorrow Today?
What is the Difference between a Christian and a Disciple? ~Chris Baker