The Answer to Every Question ~ Reece’s Pieces 9-3-2021

Our world is now famous (or infamous) for offering answers to almost every question through Google, Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, etc.  Of course, all computers or “smart” speakers are limited by their programming and voice recognition software. 

This summer when I was at the WW2 museum in New Orleans there was a “smart technology display” where I had a simulated conversation with a person on a screen.  I engaged in a virtual conversation with Staff Sgt. Alan Moskin, who was part of the United States Army forces that liberated the Gunskirchen concentration camp in Austria in 1945.   He was programmed to answer over a thousand questions regarding the camp liberation, how he felt about it, and the impact it had on his life.  It was pretty amazing that he could answer my questions in what seemed to be a “thoughtful” way.  I’m sure if I had asked something unrelated to the display he would have drawn a blank.

When it comes to life’s questions, we all want answers…personal answers from God, answers with unlimited wisdom backed by unlimited power.  This Sunday our choir will sing a song that describes how, ultimately, Jesus is the answer to every question. The song, “The Answer,” describes how Jesus is the answer for every heart that’s breaking and for every soul that’s shaking.  He sees our sadness and feels our sorrow, and in our weakness He is strong.  When we come to Him in faith with our sin, we will realize the truth of the gospel – “Great is our sin, but greater the cross!”  Here is the chorus:

I know the answer to every question,
The one Solution to every fear.
I know my Help and where it comes from.
Jesus, He is the Answer.  Jesus, He is the answer.