Tune My Heart (Revisited) ~ Reece’s Pieces 3-26-2021

Not long after I arrived to serve as your Minister of Music, I taught a few lessons on worship.  The study was called “Tune My Heart,” referencing the line in the hymn that says, “Come Thou Fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing Thy grace…”  We all need to tune our hearts for worship weekly.

The premise is this – our approach, preparation, and anticipation for worship can revitalize our worship!  Chuck Lawless (Southeastern Seminary) says the best worship is a process of:

  1. Worshipping God by getting ready to meet Him (preparation & anticipation)
  2. Worshipping God with His people through His Word and His Spirit (engage)
  3. Worshipping God by being obedient to His Word (transformed)

Tuning my heart for worship acknowledges that there are times when my heart drifts away from God.  I get side-tracked by my busy schedule, my circumstances, my selfishness, my sin, “good things” instead of “great things,” or a host of other barriers to intimacy with God.  These things get in the way of hearing God, seeing God, or listening to God and, therefore, hinder true worship.  These barriers can be overcome with prayer, repentance, a change of attitude, a renewed focus, and a dependence on the Holy Spirit.

As we approach Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, let’s commit to “tune our hearts” to sing God’s grace as we worship Jesus who died for us and then rose from the grave.  Let’s open our hearts to what God is saying to us and respond in worship.  My favorite definition of worship is this: Worship is an appropriate response to the greatness of God!  He arose, He arose, hallelujah, Christ arose!