Who Is Jesus? A Study of the Gospel of Luke

Join us as we begin our journey through the book of Luke and take an in-depth look at who Jesus is and what He said and did. This journey will take us a long while, but there is a lot to see and learn as we begin this journey.

Below are full recordings of Sunday Worship from our series.

“What Will You Do with Your Legacy?”
“How Do You Respond to Life’s Disappointments?”
“How is God at Work in Your Life Today?”
“Is Your Heart Camouflaged Today?”
“Have You Forgotten the Faithfulness of God?”
“Who is Jesus?”
“What Are You Longing For in this Life?”
“Is Your Life on Cruise Control?”
“Do You Recognize Your Need for Repentance?”
“Do You Feel Far from God?”
“How Should We Deal with Temptation?”
“Is Your Faith Focused on Yourself?”
“Where Do You Look for Authority?”
“Are We Really Fishing for Men?”
“Do You Know What You Need?”
“Are We following Jesus Rightly?”
“Is Our Worship More than Routine?”
“Are You Following Jesus?”
“What is Hindering Your Faithfulness?”
“Where Do You Run to On Your Worst Days?”
“How Do You Wrestle with Unmet Expectations?”
“Do You See Your Need for Forgiveness?”
“Are You Listening?”
“Where is Your Faith?”
“How Will You Respond to Jesus’ Authority?”
“How Do You Respond to Life’s Most Difficult Seasons?”
“How Do You Respond to Jesus’ Mission?”
“What are You Sacrificing for the Sake of Christ’s Kingdom?”