Wisdom for a Foolish Age

Pastor Treys current sermon series is
“Wisdom for a Fooling Age: A Study through James.”

This fall, the book of James is going to help us walk wisely in an age of foolishness. Let us be a people who walk wisely in this contentious time, fixing our eyes upon Jesus and seeking wisdom from His Word.

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“Summer in the Psalms”

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Have You Fallen into Foolishness?
What Are You Depending on Today?
Have You Given into Spiritual Apathy?
Do You Know What Your Faith Looks Like?
Do You Know that God has a Place for You at His Table?
Does Your Faith Work?
Where Are Our Tongues Taking Us?
Are You Living a Self-Centered Life?
How Are You Dealing with Conflict in Your Life?
How is God’s Authority Shaping Your Life?
Do God’s Warnings Get Out Attention?
Is Your Faithfulness Holding Steady?
How Do We Stand Out in this Foolish Age?