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We will livestream Sunday Morning Worship at 10:15 am & Wednesday Bible Study at 6:00 pm

Below are previously streamed services you can watch at any time.

Wednesday Bible Study- Luke 7:31-35
Sunday Worship – “How Do You Wrestle with Unmet Expectations?
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 7: 4-7
Wednesday Bible Study- John 11:17-44
Wednesday Bible Study – John 20: 30-31
Sunday Worship – What Excuses Are Hindering Your Faithfulness?
Wednesday Bible Study – Matthew 26: 14-16
Easter Sunday Worship – John 20: 24-29
Wednesday Bible Study- Mark 3: 1-6
Palm Sunday – Are You Following Jesus?
Wednesday Night Bible Study – Exodus 17: 1-7
Sunday Worship: “Is Our Worship More than Routine?”
Sunday Worship – Do You Know What You Need?
Sunday Worship – “Are We Following Jesus Rightly?”
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 4: 41
Sunday Worship- “Are We Really Fishers of Men?”
Winter Bible Study with Dr. Bobby Kelly (Final Session)
Sunday Worship – Where do you look for Authority?
Winter Bible Study with Dr. Bobby Kelly (Tuesday Evening)
Sunday Worship – Is Your Faith Focused on Yourself?
Winter Bible Study with Dr. Bobby Kelly: Sunday Evening 6-7 PM
Winter Bible Study with Dr. Bobby Kelly (Monday Evening)
Wednesday Bible Study – Romans 5: 12-21
Sunday Worship: Dr. Bobby Kelly
Wednesday Bible Study – Matthew 3: 13-17
Sunday Worship – “How Should We Deal with Temptation?”
Wednesday Bible Study – Mark 6: 14-29
Sunday Morning – Do You Feel Far from God?
Sunday Worship- “Is Your Life on Cruise Control?”
Sunday Worship: “Do You Recognize Your Need for Repentance?”
Sunday Worship: “What You Longing for in this Life?”
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 2: 29-32
Sunday Worship: “Choose to Serve” Dr. Todd Fisher
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 2: 1-21
Sunday Worship – “Do You Believe that God has Spoken?”
Wednesday Night Bible Study- Philippians 3:8-14 (Raymond Melton)
Sunday Worship – “Have You Forgotten the Faithfulness of God?”
Sunday Worship- “Who is Jesus?”
Sunday Morning – Glory to the King
Wednesday Night Bible Study – 2 Peter 3: 1-13
Sunday Morning – Is Your Heart Camouflaged Today?
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 1: 46-55
Sunday Worship – “How is God at Work in Your Life Today?”
Wednesday Bible Study – Luke 1: 31-35
Sunday Worship – What Will You do with Your Legacy?
Sunday Worship – How do Respond to Life’s Disappointments?